9 or 19?


So, Sticky Child (O) is headed off to a school disco. I think this is the first one she has been to on her own, previously her brother went also. But he’s moved onto senior school and she’s big enough now. I decided to get her a new dress, for Easter, which I would give her tonight for the disco. This, of course, turned into two new dresses, the pretty hair band, a necklace, leggings and oh, yes, that pink corduroy jacket. Which turned into new clothes for the baby, which turned into a £71 bill… Um. Yeah. Oops.

Ah, well. The squeal of delight when she discovered the new outfit waiting for her was worth it. And so is this picture. The one I will remember as being the first time I looked at her and no longer saw a little girl. I think I’ll keep that to myself a bit longer though.

You’re beautiful, little Bluebird. I love you.


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