Easter 2010

Ok,ok so Easter was over a week ago now. But it’s a long post and I’ve been busy…

We’re not religious. So, it may come as a surprise that Easter is a big deal in our house. That’s because of me. Easter was a big, non religious, deal in my house growing up, and I’ve tried to continue to the traditions with my own family.

So, there is coloring Easter eggs. Coloring eggs doesn’t seem to be as much as a tradition in England, as it is in the states, so in the past there have no been no special dyeing kits. We made do with food coloring, but I was still excited to come across a small egg coloring kit this year. It was a bit different, but it had the same dye tabs, and thats what mattered.

There were also Easter baskets, filled to the brim with candy and chocolates and small gifts for the children. (And maybe furry surprises, too!)

After scavenging the local charity shops for “new” traditional baskets (like the one the kitty is sleeping in) and having very little luck, I elected to go with something not quite so traditional. I wasnt sure what we’d find at the DIY store, but the Easter Bunny had left us an early Easter surprise in the form of gorgeous spring colours flower pots. They were perfect for Easter baskets (for my homeless daffodil bulbs, too!).

Our tradition is to hide the Easter baskets, which gets harder and harder each year. This time, I hid one on the bookshelf, with the cover a book in front of it, one on one of my daughters shelves, surrounded by stuffed animals, and the babys went into a drawer, with a ceramic easter bunny sitting on top as a clue. It took them about half an hour this year,with me periodically shouting out “hot!” or “cold!” or just giving them random clues which meant nothing. Ah, the joy!

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Then we all got dressed and headed out for the day.

First stop was the park as daddy had to go and photograph and Easter Egg Roll.

Then we moved on to one of our very favorite places, Hollycombe steam collection. Hollycombe is a fairground powered completely by steam, they have some wonderful turn of the century attractions, including the only working “Razzle Dazzle” in the world, a beautiful carousel, swings and a ferris wheel with seats that rock back and forth precariously and have only a metal bar between you and certain death, or at least some broken limbs, 30 feet below. A steam powered train goes up onto the top of the ridge for some breathtaking views.

This year we had our egg hunt here, and had a lot of fun. Out of 28 eggs, we could only find 26 and are amused to imagine the reaction of the caretaker who discovers the rotten hard boiled eggs, brightly colored and hidden away in a tree or bush, come mid May.

After our train ride and egg hunt, we went on all the rides, and had a blast. I took Rafe on the ferris wheel, having a momentary lack of good judgement. I was amused that I was allowed to take a 4 year old, but my tall almost 13 year old was not allowed to ride by himself. While sitting at the very top, with beautiful views all around us, I could only see my precious baby slipping under the metal bar and plummeting to the ground below. Which meant I held him in a vice like grip the entire time, to afraid to move or even let him wave at his brother below.

I remember taking another 4 year old on a ferris wheel many years ago at the State Fair, in Phoenix. That ferris wheel was constructed of what almost equates to metal cages, that you sat in, with virtually no chance of slipping out or dumping yourselves out. At the time I longed for something more fun, more traditional. When I finally got my wish, I was to terrified to enjoy it.

After Hollecombe we made a quick visit to Butser Ancient Farm to see the new lambs, we got to hang around while the staff fed the mama lambs and it was so sweet to see the lambs falling all over themselves trying to keep up when the mamas raced for the troughs! Some were a week old and some just a couple of days and the size difference was amazing! The only way to compare it would be imagine a baby growing from infant to toddler in a week.

Easter dinner was a delicious roast pork with roasted potatoes and veg with yorkshire puddings. Yorkshire puddings are so easy to make but can be a bit tempermental so I am wary of making them regularly, but this time I nailed it and they were perfect! For our dessert was our traditional “Bunny Cake”, which was scrummy. The kids decorated with some Easter crafts and I put some daffodils, tulips, and chrysanthemums out to bring some colour into the living room, which is still in progress of being painted. A very happy Easter!


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