Current Obsessions

So, my current foody obsessions are

Keeping with a theme, Cherry jaffa cakes. These are crazy addictive. 22 in a box, and it takes me about the same amount of minutes to get through a box. I stumbled upon them looking for cheap easter treats in Lidl but apparently they can also be found in the Polish section of Sainsburys or Morrisons. My cherry obsession is still going strong!

Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka- I have seen it compared to sour apple jolly ranchers and that is exactly what it’s like. A double with lemonade and ice, please! At £14 a bottle though, it’s not exactly cheap. D1 bought me a bottle about a month ago that I’m being very good about not drinking!

Asda Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Cookies and Slow baked Fruit and Oat Cookies I especially like how the chocolate cookies go soft, though not stale, after being left open overnight, perfect!

Rakusens Herb and Onion crackers. I’m eating a lot of junk recently, so I’ve been trying to offset that by exercising, eating more fruit, and replacing staples like bread with other options, these whole wheat crackers are great for tuna!

Whittards of Chelsea Turkish Apple Tea Ok, admittedly I’m taking to this one a bit slowly. But, I’m not a big tea drinker so I’m giving it time to grow on me. My favorite thing about this “tea” is that it has a really nice sweet flavour, without any artificial sweeteners or junk added to it. I recognise and can pronounce everything on the ingredients list, which I can’t say for most of the other beverages in this country. It’s a comforting hot drink and a refreshing ice cold drink. It’s helping me drink more water and fight off chronic dehydration, and that’s a good thing!

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