Spring Fling

My favorite thing about England is… SPRING! I love spring. On a good year, starting about late January the snowdrops start to peek through the dead leaves, to be followed closely behind around mid February by the green daffodil heads that start to poke through the cold earth. It doesn’t take very long for the daffs to grow and finally, when they bloom a few weeks later, the earth is covered in a sea of yellow. They come in lovely color variations, yellow, white and yellow, yellow and orange, it’s brilliant, and you get tiny little trumpets to go with their bigger cousins! We also get violets, cherry blossoms, bluebells, magnolia…

Because of our super cold winter this year, the poor daffodils struggled to push out of the earth and we didn’t see them until March. But, the wait made it even better to see them when they got here.

Ok, so I didn't have any pictures of the vast swathes of daffodils.

Some areas plant vast swaths of bulbs and you can be driving along and suddenly come upon thousands of daffodils, which is like seeing thousands of little suns, poking up through the ground to share their bright light, beauty and warmth.

I’ve recently been painting the house. I’m all into bright, happy colours, and apparently I am in fashion, for once. (Well, according to http://colourmehappyblog.blogspot.com/ , anyway!) My “husband” and I long ago decided to choose paint colors using Turners “ The Fighting Temeraire” as our inspiration. It took us a while to decide the colours and actually get on with it but finally I just did it, went to the DIY store and bought the paint. A beautiful burnt orange for the living room, a sky blue for the up and down stair hallways and a soft yellow for the stairwell. The colors come together nicely, and a trip up or downstairs just makes me feel happy and peaceful thanks to the colors that greet me and carry me along.

I’ve finished one wall in the living room, but most of the room is still the drab flat magnolia that every landlord on the planet seems to insist on painting their rentals. So, I needed something to brighten it up.Flowers, are of course, the perfect thing. And in the last month, my living room has been graced with roses and lily’s, chrysanthemums, daffodils, and tulips. So, when I am awake and up and about, I am never in a room which drags me down, or magnifies a negative mood.


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