He’s a rebel.

He enjoys school. Really. What four year old doesnt? All that messy play and other kids to boss around? Pure bliss.

He wasn’t feeling it today though. Much preferred the option of staying home and playing Diego’s Safari Rescue on the Wii, or just jumping on the bed or climbing on me while I tried to study, either way is fine with him.

But, much to his chagrin (unaware at the time, though I was) I scooped him up off the chair, shoved a fleece over his head, smooshed his feet into his shoes and dragged him out the door to school. His displeasure appeared soon enough, when we got to the low stone wall and instead of hopping onto it and running along, he sat down for “WEST- I TIRED!”. Eventually I got him up and going again, with promise of money or chocolate or whatever I bribe the kid with these days, but it was slow going. After about 5 minutes he decided he was definitely being coerced into something he had no desire to participate in so he rebelled the most effective way possible. Slowing down.

To the point where any passerbys probably thought I was dragging the poor afflicted child to his death. I tried to distract and cheer him with the tulips and the caterpillar on the sidewalk (was the green stuff it was trailing poop or insides? I told the baby it was poop.) But, to no avail. As soon as we hit the path where he is free to let go of my hand and run to his hearts content, he simply stopped. I continued on without him, occasionally looking back to make sure he was still there and being rewarded with a scowl.

I got him going again and again cheered him momentarily with the “snow” (drifting cherry blossoms). We made it to school eventually and he bounded into the classroom, grinning like a madman, ran and got an apron and raced to the finger paint table. When I swore up and down it was his fault we were so late, the teacher looked at me like I was crazy and said “yeh, yeh, I know!” The child lives to discredit me.

One response to this post.

  1. This is how it starts. First you take the fall for HIS tardiness, then he pins his first murder on you. That is the logical next step. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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