uh. hey there!

So, in February I separated from my husband, left my job and became swallowed up by a black hole of depression. I began painting my house to keep me out of my warm, comfy, tear soaked bed, I fell behind in my studies and barely managed to complete one course, while coming perilously close to dropping a second. I comfort ate my way through my course work and my days in general, and gained 20 pounds. Wow. That twenty pounds actually feels like 50, it’s on my ass and in my gut and it’s not pretty.

Just when I was feeling like I was gaining some control and seeing some light at the end of that there tunnel, I got the results back from the exam for the course I only completed by sheer determination, well that and excessive consumption of cherry jaffa cakes, a heartbreaking result- FAIL. A week later, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While my life isn’t really doing any better, I am feeling better emotionally. I am still having bad days, but they have specific triggers and I can plan for them (helpful!). I am getting the itch to begin blogging again, having stopped when I felt I was just to full of sadness and negativity and it was going to spill out all over my posts.

Having felt I had lost focus and was floundering in the dark I approached my friend Karen and asked if she could do a tarot card reading for me. I’m familiar with tarot and new age beliefs, but it’s definitely not something I spend any time or effort devoting myself to. I really just wanted an outline, or some sort of guidance on where I was headed. The reading was very indepth and her interpretations were very helpful- I feel like I have that outline now, something to look back on when I’m feeling confused and need to get my head straight. So, with that in mind I’ve decided to pick up my virtual pen and come back to my special little site and get back to posting about my life.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you’ve been here before- thanks for sticking with me!


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