Current Favorites

Well, I haven’t doen a list of favourites in a while. Ha- I haven’t done anything blog related I awhile.

So, my current favourites are

Osprey They have an outlet shop in Portsmouth at the Gunwharf Quays shopping centre that I pop into occasionally. Frequently they have wonderful mark downs. I fell in love with a purse (handbag) there before Christmas. Unfortunately it was about £100 at the time so I couldn’t buy it. I popped in around March and found it marked down to £40- and bought it right then! Only last week I popped in for a wander and found the matching pocket book, which I loved- marked down to £15 from £85. Another great deal!!!

Marathon Training Academy I’ve been running with the couch 2 5k program since July and running is starting to become more a part of my life then just another doomed attempt to get skinny. I discovered Angie and Trevor’s podcast on itunes last month and have really enjoyed listening to it. They have great running tips and stories. I definitely recommend it.

I’ve been busy with life and have had lots going on so thats about all I can think of that I have been really enjoying recently.


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