Procrastination is my middle name.

Actually, no it’s not. It’s Christine. But Procrastination is a good description of me. So, it totally should be my middle name.

Here is a list of all my great ideas that help me avoid doing any course work.

  • is there anything to eat? I should go check the kitchen again.
  • i wonder if i’ve had any blog views. I’d better check.
  • what’s Lindsay Lohan been up to? I should check.
  • Facebook. This is justified as there is a Facebook group about the course I’m doing. BAM!
  • This music is rubbish. I should spend 10 minutes shuffling through the playlist until I find something good.
  • Wheres the cat? I should go find it.
  • MAIL!  (POST!)
  • I should get something to eat. Grapes! Cookies! Yey!
  • I need a drink. Caffeine! Yey!
  • I could just watch Dexter instead.  (side note: I love how I start liking him and feeling sorry for him and then I’m all “he’s a deranged fucking psychopath, Erin. WTF?”)
  • Fine. How about the Daily Show? It’s shorter!
  • Allright allright. I’ll write the paper.
  • Whats up with this chair? It’s all wonky. I’d better try and fix it.
  • Is there anything to eat? I’d better check the kitchen again.
  • I should write a post about all the ways I procrastinate for my blog.

Yeh. Deadlines are kind of a bitch.

One response to this post.

  1. Hahaha, love this post, Erin! For me, it’s the old “Oh, I worked for a full five minutes uninterrupted. I deserve a break! Dexter is only an hour!!”


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