Ever just not like someone?

Admittedly, I am probably the one people just don’t like. The loud, opinionated American who talks to much. Having said that, I tend to have people in my life that I like and get on with and everyone else is either a casual acquaintance, that’s fine!, or not part of my life.


Rarely do I take a rather extreme dislike to someone, but it has happened with 3 people in the last 5 years.  What bothers me the most about this is that the people I tend to dislike on sight are the ones that everyone else loves to death. What is that about? Try as I might I can not find a single thing to like about them- yet they have everyone else eating out of their hand. Is it me- some sort of jealousy issue? I don’t think so- I genuinely find these people to be horrid and very curious why others find them so appealing.

When I dig a little deeper I find that these people remind me very much of the bullies who taunted me mercilessly as I was growing up. The ones who asked in a sneering, break glass voice, “Whyyyyyy?” As in “Why are you wearing THAT?” Why are you doing THAT?” Why, why why.  I realize that the mannerisms of these people are very much the same as those of my seventh grade bullies so many years ago.  They gossip behind your back, ridicule you to your face in a stupid sweet as pie voice, and are ever so adept at making it look like it’s all in jest and oh, so fun! “Banter”, the British call it.

I simply think they are twofaced, and I have no time for it. This attitude endears me to exactly noone, and this bothers bothered me for a long time. Why do others put up with it? IS it truly some character default within me?  If everyone else likes these snarky, pretentious, shallow people- shouldn’t I? OR Is it a trait that bullying survivors share> the ability to spot them coming a mile away?

I wonder what you, lovely readers, think about this? Have you ever just met someone that you disliked- even if they were well received by most others? Why do you think this is?




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