Riding in Rockets

So, when you’re 4 it can be understandably difficult to let go of Christmas. I mean it really is just a two week long ego feeding frenzy. Cookies! Cake! Presents! Attention! Balloons! Presents! Cookies! Parties! What self respecting small child wants that to end?

Rafe has recently entered a new “Why?” phase. “Who do peoples have legs?” “Why do we have food?”  “Why do we need brains?”. A few days after Christmas Rafe asked me “Why is Christmas have to be over?” . I answered in some appropriate manner which gives Santa Claus way more credit than he deserves and keeps the magic alive for my child. Thinking that was that, I turned back to what I had been doing. He wasn’t finished though, and a moment later Rafe said from behind me “But, mommy  Christmas isn’t over because you havent let me ride in a rocket, yet!!”

As amusing as that was, and sweet to, I was more struck by the thought that the idea of him riding in a rocket isn’t just a small child’s pipe dream. He is of a generation which will view going into space as simply a tourist, most definitely possible. For a price, sure, but still- possible. ME, I know I will never get that opportunity. But, he may very well. That is a wish I will hold close for him while he grows up, I never want him to lose it.


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