My local library recently opened after being closed for six months for “improvements”. I put that in quotes because their “improvements” served to make the library as unwelcoming as possible by removing half the books, cutting the childrens floor in half, removing any semblance of comfortable seating and making the process of borrowing books  harrowingly automated. Really, REALLY, the process of scanning a book and stamping it was so fucking arduous that you had to make it automated? What is more amusing about that is the automated process takes longer and is more fucking complicated then just handing it to the lady behind the counter and her scanning and stamping it. And while I’m in rant mode- they don’t even stamp the books anymore- you have to print out a receipt with the due date. Great- making staff redundant, killing more trees and making my life that much more fucking difficult by expecting me to keep track of little bits of paper telling me when these books are due when I can barely even keep track of the flipping books, themselves? REALLY, Council?

God, I hate my local council. They really are an incompetent lot. I’m tempted to take a picture of their headquarters and then paste it in my dictionary under the word “stupid” or maybe “useless”.  Just for my own little private chuckle every time I look at my bookshelf. Better yet, I’ll do it to the library dictionaries. Ah, that would make me laugh. Well, assuming they actually still have dictionaries at the library. Might be just copies of fucking Twilight where the dictionaries used to be.

Perhaps I’m being to harsh though, because actually they did manage to make an actual improvement to the library, and that was to the study rooms. They study rooms are tiny little rooms scabbed onto the side of the building three stories up. I used one once, back before the library closed. It had single glazed wooden windows,  and was to to cold to even sit in for more than about 30 seconds before watching your toes fall off.  But the windows have now been completely redone, nicely double glazed, the rooms repainted and little heaters installed.

Studying at the library is far better than studying here at home as I can’t distract myself constantly. On Wednesday I dragged my daughter along with me to do some reading while I studied. She enjoys reading but only managed about 15 minutes before she curled up i the chair next to me and fell asleep.


Possibly the only cushioned chair left in the place. Bastards.



While she slept I read and occasionally stared out the window.

I tend to just squint a little and pretend the roof of Wilkinsons isn't actually there. You know. Whatever works.


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