Really, Nigella?

So, in her latest book “Kitchen”, Nigella Lawson, who I really do love, puts bread machines on her list of kitchen equipment dont’s.  All I can think to say to this is Really, Nigella? You’re gonna knock bread machines? I mean lets see- my bread machine means I can feed my kids home made, fresh bread without additives, preservatives, or a shed load of sugar. I can do it in five minutes before I go to bed, and know that when I wake up, it will be perfect.

There is no hard labour, anxious waiting, or disappointment when it hasnt risen.  I would say that the bread machine has to be one of the best small kitchen appliances ever invented. It genuinely makes my life easier, and makes me feel like I am doing something healthier for my kids without feeling the pinch of pennies being scraped together.

Sure, making bread from scratch is brilliant, and I think kids should all learn how to do it. But, it is an activity that can be relegated to long, lazy Saturday afternoons. Moms  shouldn’t feel as if they have to ever slave over something as silly as bread to give their kids the best. Especially when after only 5 minutes of actual human work, you get something like this:

The bumpy bits are dried onion. So good.














I still love you, Nigella. But, really- this nonsense about how we should be breaking our backs to make bread when it can be done so easily as this? It’s got to go.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your bread looks really good. I like to make bread now and again but i can’t always find the time, i think i may have to buy a bread machine myself.


  2. Amen! I have loved my bread machine since day one.


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