Bundt Frustration

I am frustrated. When I put cake batter into a pan, I expect a cake to come out. When I put cake batter into a bundt pan, I expect a bundt cake to come out.   Like so:

proper bundt cake

Yet,  when I put cake batter into a bundt cake pan I get this:

my bundt cake. Appealing, no?

This is my apple cake. I had some apples languishing in the fruit bowl which were being utterly ignored by the children. So, I decided to make a cake. The recipe suggested a bundt cake.  I at first recoiled in horror at the mere suggestion, having had a similar experience the first time I used my silicone bundt cake pan. But, there were helpful illustrations and in depth instructions on how to grease the pan and cover it in sugar, etc, so I decided what the hell, I’ll give it another go. Obviously, I still don’t have the bundt cake magic touch. Despite looking terrible, the cake tasted lovely. I didn’t use all the apples in this cake so I suppose I’ll make another one, but this time, I’ll stick to the loaf pan. Perhaps next time I’ll do some googling and find out all the hints and tricks and secrets to a perfect bundt cake. Or, maybe not.

One response to this post.

  1. It’s a LOVELY cake. You can use the little craters in it to stuff some extra sugar in, and who doesn’t love extra sugar?! win. and win.


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