eachingtay ymay idskay a ewnay anguagelay

My husband doesnt speak pig latin. This was shocking to me when I first learned it. I thought everybody spoke pig latin. But, my husband grew up in a different time and place and so, he doesnt speak pig latin. He’s not terribly interested in learning, either so I mostly speak it to be silly or annoy him. It can get a bit boring though, speaking a silly language to yourself.

I don’t know the last time I actuallyhad a conversation with another person using pig latin, probably not sicne I was 12.  I decided it was finally time to teach my kids this fine art. They loved it of course, caught on right away and so for the last day I’ve been conversing with other people in pig latin!  It’s been loads of fun, but I have to admit it’s been a bit of a challenge working otu what they are saying, so I feel a tiny bit bad for all the grief I gave my husband all those times he just looked at me and rolled his eyes when he couldnt work out what I was saying.

I havent done any sort of scientific (or otherwise) poll on the subject, ut I kind of get the impression that pig latin isn’t really a thing over here in Grand old Britain, so I especially enjoyed teaching the big kids, because now of course they can teach their friends who will hopefully be delighted.

Our favorite word so far is odaytay which of course is “today”. It’s a lot of fun to say and of course it sounds so bizarre, it takes a moment to work out, even though it is such a common word!

I was glad to be able to share this with my kids, I feel so frequently that there is nothing new and exciting that I can teach them, they are so bright and with it, they know so much about the world and have their own opinions. I hope they will remember learning it from me with fondness. I can’t recall who taught me, only that it was a long time ago. I can’t imagine it was my mother or even my sister so it was probably some friend that I have long ago lost contact with and will probably never meet again. It’s a small thing, I suppose but I am grateful for that friend  for giving me that gift, something that many years later I would share with my children and at which they would laugh in delight and spend hours coming up with new words and phrases to say, especially my daughter who carried on a conversation with me in pig latin all the way to school today, even with other people around.   

I’m curious is anyone else speaks pig latin? Where and when did you learn it? Do you still use it now? I’m very interested in knowing if it is just an American thing.

(ps. library computers are rubbish, I swear it’s a 56k dial up connection and the sheer slothlike speed makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs, or at the very least beat someone over the head with this giant keyboard that sounds like a tap dancing troup is performing on the desk.)


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  1. Lovely entry. Aussie kids speak pig latin too.


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