fa la la la la

So, the router is finally fixed and I’m back up and running. There really isn’t any good reason to not be blogging. In fact I have started some posts. People profiles, of friends I had many years ago, are some of the posts I’ve started. But, time has a funny way of distorting memories, and I find that actually, I can’t remember enough about these people to fill up a whole post.  Which is sad in so many ways, not least because for the short time I knew them, they meant so much to me.  Part of me wonders if it’s really that I don’t remember, or if it’s more like I never really knew much about them at all. I decide that instead of simply telling you about these people, I should really be telling you our stories. I like that idea, so I’ll be working on that for awhile, and hopefully they’ll start appearing here soon.  In the meantime I’m hard at work on my Psychological Development and Early Childhood course, with my Social Psychology books waiting in the wings for their turn.  It looks like my husband will be returning home soon, for a trial run, though he may be losing his job, due to his industry being in a virtual free fall currently.

Another disaster? Universe, you do spoil me.

I leave you with this  picture of the wall behind me as it is right now, the 20th of January. Almost a full month after Christmas.


Also of note: Six red and gold pillar candles and the 2 ft. tall fiber optic Santa on the printer shelf next to me.

One response to this post.

  1. Glad to see you’ve got it fixed. Telling stories is a great way talk about people and get to know them. 🙂


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