Is 10 the new 30?

My daughters best friend is mostly a lovely girl. Very sweet. I liked her more before she randomly decided to crush my daughter by deciding for no particular reason to stop being her friend for two months. But, that was last summer and all has been mended for many months now. So, she is back in my good books, though perhaps with the addition of a question mark next to her name.

But, despite thinking of her as a lovely girl, for the most part, I don’t really know what to make of her. Perhaps the picture below will illustrate why. I took this this morning on the way to school. That is my daughter on the left and her best friend on the right. They are the same age, go to the same school, are in the same class. They live in the same general neighborhood and while I know her parents are better off financially, I don’t think it’s by a significant amount. So, why does my daughter look like a 10 year old girl, and her best friend look like a 30 year old who works in The City?


I think we know which child is allowed to watch Sex and The City and which isn't.

I can’t get my head around it, and whats worse, it makes me feel like my daughter is somehow lacking because she doesnt have a Rihanna hair cut, or a shiny handbag or even a fashionable coat. She’s 10, dammit.

It makes me think about bullying.  My daughter is friends with everyone, and she is naturally gifted and talented at everything she puts her mind to.  If she wasn’t- would she have such a charmed existence at school?


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  1. I really can’t speak for every household, but I have several years experience working with teens and young adults. Most of the parents that allowed their children to grow up so fast regretted it tremendously. Personally, I think it’s a tragedy to allow (and in some instances encourage) a young person to rush their youth. Even for those who don’t experience such a happy youth, it’s important to be a kid at least part of the time. =/

    PS – I love your daughter’s hat! Too cute!


  2. The friend dresses like my grandma (and is about the same size probably…) Tell her mom to stop trying to rob her daughter of a funny-bone. She’s gonna need it in this world.


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