Game Night

Polar Panic! Rafe loves this game.

Another game Rafe loves. Lots of fun and relaxing + simple.

Every Friday around our house is game night. We range from kindergartener appropriate games like Uno, Polar Panic or Coronation Scot Railway Game to games more geared toward the rest of us.


Like Scrabble Deluxe, Scrabble Trickster, Destination, Trivial Pursuit Junior Edition and Monopoly (Portsmouth Edition). The older kids are best at the Scrabbles or Destination.  Occasionally one of them insists on breaking out the Monopoly. We give them lots of chances, feigning ignorance if they land on our $2000 rent space, or just agreeing not to charge rent “just this once”.

But eventually, they go bankrupt, if they don’t get bored and wander off first. Recently it was just me and my husband left after they had both sold off all their property and sheepishly skulked off to bed.

In the middle of the board were all the accumulated fines and taxes and Rafes leftover cash after he had gotten bored. It had been laying there for well over half an hour and no one had managed to land on “Free Parking” to claim it. Finally, after we had both been and left jail 3 times in a row, my husband rolled the magical ten and went from jail to free parking and snatched it all up. Well over $1000.


Free Parking loot, baby!

I thought surely I was done for. But, I had a hotel on Spinnaker Tower (£2000 rent), while he had one on Southsea Seafront (£650). So, while we back and forthed for a bit, I won out in the end with a total of £13,041. He tried twice to declare me the winner and give up. But, I didn’t let him. I milked that victory and made him sell off every house and hotel and mortgage every property before I accepted his humiliating defeat.




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