on being held accountable…

I am not horrible about getting things done, I can be organized and accomplish things. But deadlines are not my strong point. Nothing is worse than having an essay due. No matter how much I intend to get it done early, I almost always find myself up against the wire. Occasionally I need some outside intervention. So, I arrange to be held accountable by someone. This time, it was my husband, who is awful about ever getting anything done.

Me: “I REALLY have to get this essay done. I’ve got food, caffeine, water, nothing should stop me now. The next time you see me, you have got to ask me “Have you written 500 words?”, if the answer is no, you have got to send me back upstairs. OK?”

Him: “Sure. 500 words?”

Me: “Yes. No matter what! Ok?”

Him: “ok.”

30 minutes later

Me: “Uh, I’m just having a struggle, I’m so tired, keep drifting off… just coming to get a towel so I can have a shower…”

Him: “Have you written 500 words?”

Me: “uh… no. Deleted 200 rubbish ones, though!”

Him: “oh, sorry.” *watches tv*

I start to head back up with the towel, but he is sitting on the couch with the cuddly blankets (he’s sick, we all are) and I’m so tired and it looks so comfortable so I sit down next to him.  He is watching a film, so I make a comment about it and we talk about it for a moment. I come to my senses (it is a Leslie Nielson film, after all.) and stand up to head upstairs- but the other couch is just a few feet away, and there is a pillow and I can lay down on that couch. So, I do.

Him “Ha, you’re going to watch the movie now, arent you?”

Me: (I wouldn’t watch a Leslie Nielsen (RIP)  film if you paid me, thank you very much) “No, I’m going to sleep.”

Him: *watches  movie*

And I do, I take a half hour nap. Then I take a 20 minute shower.

I’m not sure whose fault that hour long avoidance session really is. Surely, not mine. I did tell him he had to make me work on the essay “no matter what!”  Clearly, I need better staff.


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