Lemon Fingers

A lovely friend sent me Eat Me, a brilliant book chock full of cupcake recipes, for my birthday. I, of course, want to try everything in it! I started off with Lemon Fingers.  These were a lot of fun to make, but I had never made anything like it before so it took some fiddling, and experimenting with different piping tools, including a contraption involving a tin can courtesy of the husband,  to get them just right.

In the end I discovered a cookie maker I bought or was given years ago and had never used. You know, the kind that consists of a long metal tube and a handle for pumping the batter/frosting out of. Usually with a little metal plate on the end with a design on it, so you can make star cookies and the like. When we had managed to put it together and get the right tube on it for the fingers, it worked a treat. The fingers were buttery and light, in fact a bit to light, if I put just a teeny to much pressure on them while spreading the frosting on, they’d crack. The children didn’t mind of course, the baby especially loved getting the broken bits.

These lemon fingers were light and lemony and absolutely delicious. Perfect for a spring picnic in a field bursting with wildflowers and butterflies. As luck would have it, I think we have one of those around here somewhere, actually… So, I suppose I’d better get planning.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Those lemon fingers look lovely!


    • Posted by The General (aka: Mommy) on March 24, 2011 at 11:50 am

      Thank you so much! I was bit nervous about making them, I’m never much good if there is a lot of fiddling involved, but they turned out easier than I expected and have given me a bit of confidence to move on to more fiddly things. Plus they tasted divine, which is always a plus.


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