Happy Birthday to me

I love frogs. At least once a year I end up with some new piece of frog paraphernalia to add to my collection. This is fine with me, any more often than that and I would be inundated and it would stop being cute little whimsical frogs and start being clothing with frogs on it, and strange frog figurines, etc. For my birthday my littlest boy presented me with this sweet little frog, who plays Old MacDonald when you squeeze her mouth. I suppose I can call her the little sister of a slightly larger and less feminine version I received a couple of years ago.

I really like these frogs, they are sweet and cuddly and fun to play with when the kids are around. I am running out of shelf space for them, though and not sure what I will do with more. I don’t really want my bedroom inundated with cuddly frogs, but hate the idea of relegating them to the closet or a box. The various other froggy things I own can be easily scattered around the house, it’s the furry ones I worry about. But for the moment, they bring me joy to look at and don’t take up to much room. I imagine in a few years, when the kids are older and less inclined to by cuddly toys for moms birthday, I will miss receiving them and watching the kids play with them.

eeeeeeee eye eeeeeeee eye ohoooooooooo

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