Picture of the week 3

My favourite picture this week is one my husband snapped during a walk along Southsea Seafront the other week. Near Clarence Pier, with arcades and a fun fair/boardwalk, there are some very old foundations, the story and history of which probably date back to Victorian times, but no matter how many times I read those information boards, the history just never sticks. Anyway, they are perfect for children full of energy to practice their running and jumping, as well as their hide-n-seek, skills. I sometimes worry the children will damage an important historical site, but lets face it, it’s a brick and mortar foundation- if the sea and the local council haven’t managed to destroy it over the course of the last 200 years, I highly doubt my kids will be the ones to make it crumble…

Across from these foundations is a bridge across the canal which leads to a short tunnel under the hill and the Royal Garrison church, which had its roof destroyed in WWII and never repaired. It is a beautiful area, and I highly recommend spending a few hours strolling the sea front on a good day if you’re in the Portsmouth area.

Shh! She'll never find me here!

Rafe is hiding behind a wall and hasn’t yet realised his sister is standing on the wall looking down at him. Those are her shoes and lower legs. It just makes me smile and have a little giggle. I can even imagine him looking up and saying “Aww Man!” when he realizes he’s been found. I wasn’t even there and it’s fun.


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