What happens when I decide to be a lazy parent.


This is the face of an unhappy Rafe. If Sarah Palin had a heart, this face would surely melt it. Thankfully, I was not present for whatever incident caused it’s appearance. Yet, I have been party to plenty of others, a good amount probably caused by me. Tonight for example, when he was supposed to be putting his pajamas on. His light was on, the hall light was on, my bedroom light was on. I was sitting at the computer checking my email, he was not more than 8 feet away, in his room. Yet he was crying about being “scared”, he made his way to me and stood at my side, crying hysterically about being scared. Yet, he could not tell me why or of what. Finally, frustrated and fed up after spending 5 minutes trying to talk to him and comfort him I shouted at him to go to his room and put his pj’s on, RIGHT NOW!!!

It takes a fair bit to get me that irritated and my other kids wouldn’t even flinch. Rafe is another breed, however. A more sensitive one. I frequently have to detach him from me in public because I am concerned the amount of kissing he is doing could be seen as inappropriate. He breastfed for three and a half years, and even now I occasionally have to remove his hand from my breast, where he’ll lay it just out of habit, I suppose. Hugging gets to be an annoying pastime, but one which I happily put up with because once its gone, it’s gone. He regularly holds hands with friends at school, boy and girl, and loves to give hugs.

He is an absolute joy, but with all that affection comes a price, he is very sensitive. So, when I shouted at him and immediately saw his face contort I immediately dropped to my knees and wrapped him in a hug and told him I was sorry. Then I sat by his door while he put his PJ’s on.

Moral of the story, lazy parenting = poor parenting.


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