Lovin’ it

So, in another installment of my favourite things we have:

Foxs Jam n Cream Chocolate and Cherry biscuits. We all know how much I like anything cherry. These cookies are new and have ping ponged in price from 50p a packet of 10, to £1, to 75p. I won’t buy them at £1 a packet, so I’m glad they keep dropping. I also won’t buy them unless I’m in essay writing mode, as thats the only time I can justify buying sugary crap.

Tulips and daffodils. I was thrilled to see a tulip in my garden the other day, I haven’t seen tulips in our garden before, so it was a surprise. But, they are also all over the place elsewhere, so I get to see lots on the walks to school and back with the kids every day. Something else I’m enjoying is the Rosemary hedges bordering the front yard of a house we pass every day. As we pass we gently run our hands through them and the smell is heavenly. I keep thinking of asking if they’d mind if I cut a bit off every so often to take home.

Finally- a music favorite-

I don’t mind really mind Britney, so tend to feel bad for her when people give her shtick. They say she can’t dance anymore, I just think “Hey, I could never dance, so she’s got one up on me no matter what.” And hell, who doesn’t want to get paid for standing there while gorgeous half naked guys rub themselves all over you while you mime along to a track you made earlier… Anyway, it’s a good track, enjoy.


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