In Britain, summer can be a flash in the pan. So brief that if you blink you might just miss it entirely. The last week has seen simply glorious weather here in the south of England. Endless blue skies, high temperatures and so so wonderfully dry. Like the oven of the Sonoran desert I grew up in and miss so much. We have learned that it is necessary to take advantage of these summer days when they happen, otherwise you miss out and find yourself bitching the rest of the year about how there was no god damn summer, AGAIN, and oh, yeah- Scotland called, they want their extra rain back!

I have been bogged down with work, work, work all week, not to mention that nasty little vomiting bug and bad tooth infection, so I have enjoyed the glorious weather from the inside, with open windows and my fan on.

The kids have been out and about with daddy all week, though, basking in the radiance of the sun. Yesterday they took their second trip to the beach this week and had a grand time.

On the beach

Rafe on the beach. He likes to play with the sand/rocks & rarely goes in the water.


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