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The hospital could not provide us with a wheelchair when we took Devon home. They told us exactly what type of wheelchair we’d need and told us to go to the Red Cross, who loan out medical equipment. Well, it turned out they didn’t have the exact type of wheelchair Dev needed, one with a leg rest. One man advised us to use a plank of wood, which I initially balked at. (We mentioned the plank of wood idea to another red cross guy, who quickly pointed out that the red cross does not condone using a plank of wood, of course.)

Well push came to shove and my husband found a big sturdy plank of wood that could be cut down and used to suitably support Dev’s leg, so I gave in to the idea, mostly because poor Devon was really tired of being stuck inside. So, the wood was cut, the wheelchair was obtained and off we went. To the seaside, for fresh air,  sunshine and wheelchair friendliness.

Devon in Southsea

There are quite a few ramps for getting up onto the sea wall, and the wall itself is nice and wide so plenty of room for the wheelchair.
After we crossed the bridge above, we came out onto a path which leads over to some playing fields and the road, or up another path to another area of the sea wall. Devon took the path toward the fields and my husband and I went up to the sea wall.

"woo hoo!"

When we came to the top, I looked back to check on Devon and saw him in the field. I called down to ask him what he was doing and he called back, “OFF ROADING!!!!”. When he laughed it was clear and high and was the happiest I had heard him in the two weeks  since his leg had been broken, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him to stop.


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on June 10, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Good for you and the “plank”.
    There is a new phase called “planking”. It is where people lie down on their bellys, prone and many of them together spell something ( like: “2011 grads”) . So now we can say that Devon is a “planker”. Ha!
    Most pharmacies and medical supply stores have wheelchairs and churches to borrow, too. try that.

    Gosh. HAVEN’T you received my package yet. ?????? Pray that it gets there, soon. Love to all. Aunt Janie K and G-Pa


  2. Posted by The General (aka: Mommy) on June 10, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Hi Aunt Jane,

    Thanks for your wheelchair ideas, unfortunately the pharmacies we tried were completely oblivious as was a local wheelchair rental place, who also did not have the leg extensions. However, the Red Cross did find one this week and called us up right away and delivered it the next day, so they have been super helpful! It’s a bigger, adult, chair so Devon doesn’t have quite the same leverage as he did with the smaller one so despite the leg rest, he is slightly disappointed!

    No package yet, but these things tend to take a month or longer, unless you went with some sort of priority shipping, which I sincerely hope you did not!

    Love to you and to Grandpa from us (and Devon says hello and thank you very much! He has been studying for a big math test he has to go in and take on Monday so I have restricted his facebook time to none)


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