Year 3

Devon’s last birthday party as an only child. We celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Blues Clues party and invited his cousin, family friends and the next door neighbor girl, who was Devon’s favorite friend. There was cake and games and presents and Devon had a great time.

Devon, Tiffany and Michaela, 25 June 2000

The thing that jumps out at me about this picture are the kids skin tones. They all have that golden brown, tanned look about them. Devon didn’t look any different to any other kid back home, but here, he is much darker than the others, and gets a lot of racial abuse as a result.

Blues Clues!

I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and felt a bit run down and tired that day. The next day was Devon’s actual birthday and I went into labour while at work. Thankfully it didn’t progress to quickly and his little sister held off until the next day, a month early nonetheless. They occasionally have shared family birthday parties, but I have always tried to make each day individually special for them. Because they know that their birthdays are each special, they don’t ever complain about having birthdays a day apart, or even about having shared parties with family. They leave that to me, but I suppose I shouldn’t moan about having to double up on presents and parties to much, after all, it means there is a good six month gap between the last childs birthday and Christmas.


Happy 3rd Birthday, Devon. Seeing you with your curls again the last few months was a lot of fun for me, and I have to admit that you were right, after you made me cut them off last week I cried a little bit.

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