internet pests

I should apologize, for leaving you in the lurch, making it look as if poor old Devon never progressed past the age of 5. I assure you, he did and in fact even turned 14 a week ago. I will explain, in short. A comment appeared on my blog one morning, the day after my last post. From a person I do not know, but who is connected to my husband through an internet forum they both frequented some years ago. How this person came to find my blog is beyond me, why they decided to comment using their old forum name combined with my own last name, and an email address combining the two names, is also beyond me.

I don’t mind saying that the comment, while benign as comments go, unnerved me, and stopped me from posting while I came to terms with the fact that this person has apparently sought me out on the internet, for whatever reason. Perhaps by reading this he will see that his comments on my blog, and his involvement in our life in any form, is unwelcome and will kindly either fully identify himself to me or step away permanently.

Normal posting will resume shortly, when I’m not, as usual, bogged down by avoiding deadlines.


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