A few of my favorite things

It’s been another long while since I did a post on my current favorites, so I had a good think and this is what I’ve come up with!

Blue Bloods and Mildred Pierce

Donnie Wahlbergs acting leaves much to be desired, as per usual, and I find there is way to much trauma surrounding that family to be realistic but I’m enjoying Tom Selleck and the story lines play out well.

I don’t think Kate Winslet is right for the Mildred Pierce role, but she is a good actress and Evan Rachel Wood and Morgan Turner have been excellent as the daughter, Veda.

Cherry Tango. We all know how much I like cherry things. Usually I just go with the cheapy cherry-ade, but the cherry tango in the can has been on sale recently so I’ve been treating myself to it, and it is just so nice, my drink is always fizzy and cold, which makes such a difference to the taste. Much better than my usual glass of half flat cherry ade from the 2 liter bottle that takes 4 ice cubes and 10 minutes to chill…

Chocolate Cream Pie. Yes, well nothing new here either. But, I noticed recently that even though I walk past all the pie shells and such every time we go shopping, I’ve always been to snobby to buy any, preferring to make my own (or not bother, usually). I noticed they also had a lovely chocolate creme patisserie and custard on sale so I bought a shell, the chocolate creme, custard and made a pie. It was surprisingly pleasant. The next week I did the same, but added whipped cream to the top and was undone. Bliss. The next week, the chocolate creme had gone back to its normal, too expensive for us mere mortals, price, so I decided to make my own with double cream, butter and melted chocolate. Double cream isn’t cheap, but by doing it this way I didn’t have to buy the chocolate cream and then more cream for the topping, so it works out. The custard didn’t add anything to write home about so I just left it on the shelf, altogether. The whole thing works out to just slightly more than £2, so I don’t feel guilty about it. It could be argued that what I’m saving in money, I’m losing in additional labour, but I melt the chocolate easily enough over a double burner and my 14 year old son is happy to put his muscles to work whipping the cream, so I’m not to put out. And the result is just as lovely.
Zombie Farmer, Gelato Mania and Fruit Ninja

I’ve had these i-phone apps for a while now and we love them, addictive, fun and well made. Even the five year old loves them. In fact, he was so busy playing gelato mania the other week that he couldn’t bear to set it down long enough to go to the toilet, so he took it with him. And dropped it in the toilet.

Yes, I had to get a new phone, thank god for insurance that I’ve somehow managed not to default on since buying the phone a year and a half ago.


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