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A renewed sense of joy and purpose. Or, not.

Traditionally, women who are experiencing a, perhaps, less than pleasant, pregnancy find themselves taking solace in the prize at the end. The beautiful baby.

However, instead of feeling a renewed sense of purpose and joy at this thought, I instead find myself thinking
“Really? I mean, that’s nice and all, and I want the baby, but, you know, I’ve got three of those already. You got anything else to sweeten the deal- a pile of cash or an all inclusive trip to Jamaica?”

I think, perhaps, I’m in for a long trip to October…




Today is the first day of a twelve week long 500 calorie a day diet. I am hoping I will make it through the first week, at least- but after a long day on my feet yesterday, I woke up starving today and don’t have much faith in my ability to fill up on an orange and one serving of a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast. Or maybe I’ll surprise myself.

My menu for the next three months should consist of


250ml. smoothie- 106 calories

one piece of fruit-50 calories


125g. organic yogurt – 150calories

glass of water


257g. Soup-147calories

one piece of fruit- 50 calories

glass of water

Total- 503 calories

My ultimate goal is to lose 80 pounds over the course of the three month period. But every ten pounds I lose will be worthy of celebration. During the diet I will continue to exercise 30 minutes a day (consisting of walking to and from work from the train station, a moderate uphill walk, with 1 pound weights on my wrists) as well as taking advantage of the office gym, if time and energy levels allow. I anticipate being very energy sapped to begin with, but am hoping ketosis will kick in within a few days and give me more energy.

I will be taking a daily multi-vitamin to ensure I am still getting all my necessary vitamins.

I have chosen this route as my excess weight is due to carrying three children over the course of nine years. I have gained very little weight between the various pregnancies. It is my impression that getting the weight off is the first step, and then getting back up to a normal healthy diet to keep the weight off. I have never dieted before, and my weight has stayed about the same since the birth of my youngest son 2 1/2 years ago. I am a very healthy, young female and anticipate no health problems associated with the diet.

Should I experience any significant health issues I will see my doctor and if necessary discontinue. My health is more important than continuing a drastic diet to lose weight.

The various bits I’ve read on the internet about such a drastic diet are varied. Some say it’s incredibly dangerous and stupid, some say it’s a great way to lose a lot of weight. At this point, I don’t think either argument is exactly right. I suppose it has the potential to be very dangerous but I think as a one time solution to losing a large amount of weight it could be very good, given that it is done in a healthy way.

I hope that if I succeed and lose all 80 pounds that I won’t ever gain the weight back, but if I did then I would have to take a very serious look at my eating habits and make those changes. I don’t intend to ever embark on this sort of diet again.

So, please stay tuned for daily updates on how the diet is going. And here’s hoping that come December 1st, I will be 80 pounds lighter.

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